Why do your products contain alcohol?

Our products contain alcohol because it serves as the optimal solvent for extracting the beneficial compounds from plants. Alcohol efficiently draws out the active constituents, ensuring potent and effective formulations.

I do not tolerate alcohol, how can I take your products?

For individuals who prefer alcohol-free options, our products can be easily consumed by adding the suggested amount of drops to a half glass of warm water (not hot) and allowing it to sit for 15 to 20 minutes. This allows most of the alcohol to evaporate, providing a suitable alternative for those with sensitivities.

Why do you add honey to most of your preparations?
The inclusion of honey in our preparations is rooted in the ancient extraction method called spagyric. Honey acts as a carrier for the plant’s oligo-elements, enhancing their absorption and bioavailability. This traditional approach ensures that our products maintain the integrity of the plant compounds while maximizing their efficacy.

What is the extraction ratio of your products?
Our Spagyric products are extracted at a precise ratio of 1:5, meaning that we extract the contents of 1 kg of plant material with 5 liters of solvent (alcohol + water). This extraction ratio has been scientifically validated to yield higher concentrations of active compounds, ensuring the potency and effectiveness of our formulations.

What is a Spagyric process?

The Spagyric process is a time-honored herbal extraction method that Forza Vitale has evolved with modern scientific principles while honoring its traditional philosophy. This process involves circulating the extract by evaporating and recondensing the tincture to enhance its bioenergetic activity. Additionally, Spagyric extracts contain trace minerals (oligoelements) obtained by incinerating the plant residues left after extraction, ensuring that the entire plant’s essence is preserved in the final product.

What is done with the plant material that residuates from extraction?
In our extraction process, we maintain a commitment to sustainability and waste reduction. Through our specific Spagyric process, the entire plant material is utilized to create our extracts, ensuring a waste-free approach. Residues from the extraction process are transformed and included in the final extract, preserving the holistic essence of the plant. This comprehensive utilization aligns with our dedication to environmental stewardship and maximizing the benefits of nature’s bounty in our products.

I am vegan, are your Forza Vitale extracts vegan-friendly?

While our Forza Vitale extracts are suitable for vegetarians, they may not align with vegan dietary preferences. This is because our products contain a small amount of bee honey, which is utilized in our extraction process. We recognize and respect the vegan lifestyle and are committed to transparency regarding the ingredients in our formulations.

Are your products Kosher?

No, our products are not kosher certified at this time.

Are your extracts Certified Organic?

Forza Vitale is dedicated to sourcing the highest quality raw materials from organic sources. While our ingredients are carefully selected for their organic origins, we do not currently hold organic certification for our finished products. However, we assure you that our commitment to using premium organic ingredients remains unwavering. We prioritize transparency and quality in every step of our production process to deliver products that meet our rigorous standards and your expectations.


What does dry extract mean?
Dry extracts refer to concentrated forms of plant biochemicals that have been extracted from the plant material using a mixture of alcohol and water. This extraction process is carefully conducted to draw out the beneficial compounds from the plant. Subsequently, the alcohol-water mixture is evaporated using advanced technology processes, resulting in a dry, concentrated extract. Dry extracts are prized for their potency and purity, as they contain a high concentration of the plant’s active constituents in a convenient and easily usable form.

What is the difference between Nutraceuticals and Nutrigenomic line of supplements?

Nutraceuticals are products that provide health benefits beyond basic nutrition. These products contain bioactive compounds or ingredients aiming to support or specific health conditions, enhance overall well-being, or support particular bodily functions.

On the other hand, Nutrigenomics explores the interaction between nutrients and genes. It focuses on how dietary components affect gene expression and influence individual health outcomes at the molecular level. By understanding this interplay, Nutrigenomic supplements aim to personalize dietary recommendations based on genetic makeup, optimizing nutritional interventions for better health outcomes and disease prevention.

In essence, while Nutraceuticals provide health benefits through specific nutrients or ingredients, Nutrigenomic supplements leverage insights from genetics to tailor nutritional approaches to individual genetic profiles, ultimately promoting personalized wellness strategies.

Why do your formulas contain excipients (listed under other ingredients)?

Our formulas include various excipients as part of an extensive research process aimed at enhancing product activity and bioavailability. While plant extracts offer numerous health benefits, they may not always be readily absorbed by the body. Therefore, we meticulously study natural methods to make our products more accessible and functional. Additionally, plant biochemicals can be inherently unstable, necessitating special preservation techniques like microencapsulation to ensure efficacy throughout the product’s shelf life. Through these measures, we strive to deliver products that exceed expectations, providing optimal support for your health and wellness journey.

Why are tablets filmed with colors?

Tablet filming serves multiple purposes aimed at enhancing the quality and effectiveness of the product. Firstly, the film coating protects the active ingredients within the tablet, shielding them from degradation due to environmental factors such as moisture, light, and air. Additionally, the coating can make tablets easier to swallow, improving overall patient compliance with medication regimens. Furthermore, film coatings can act as a barrier against gastric acids, ensuring that the active ingredients reach the intended site of action in the body without being degraded in the acidic environment of the stomach. Moreover, film-coated tablets can be designed for specific release patterns, allowing for targeted delivery of the active ingredients to different parts of the intestine.

Do your products contain any GMO ingredients?

No, our products do not contain any genetically modified organisms (GMOs). All our formulations are manufactured in Italy, which is part of the European Union (EU). EU regulations strictly prohibit the use of genetically modified ingredients in foods. Additionally, we ensure that all ingredients used in our products are certified to be GMO-free and are not irradiated. We are committed to providing high-quality, safe, and natural products that meet the highest standards of purity and integrity.

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