Gemmotherapy is a super power of the plant kingdom. Gemma comes from the Latin word bud. It’s a specialized form of herbal medicine made from the embryonic, germinating parts of a plant. In other words, it’s the super bright, super light, expansive exhilaration exploding from the new growth of the plant.

Its powerful effects comes from the growth hormones of the germinating plant parts. Auxins, Gibberellins, Cytokinins, and Abscissin are just a few. Once the plant bud, rootlet or young shoot matures and begins producing chlorophyll, many of these constituents begin to subside.

All winter long these beautiful buds are quietly collecting information so they can pop open in the spring. They contain all of the intelligence to produce different parts of the plant such as the leaf, flower, fruit, stem and bark, so it has all of those healthy healing properties. With the formation of the bud, the plant enters a new stage of life and is regenerated. The plant bud extracts then carry this regeneration energy into our own cells, tissues and organs and effectively removes toxins.

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