A Step Towards A Healthier You

Our company began as a journey towards personal healing, but became a solution that’s revolutionizing health care. We formulate Embryonic Plant Stem Cell Extracts and Essential Oils that are supercharged with all of the restorative power of nature to support your body’s return to its natural, balanced state.

Honoring the environment and embracing its limitless wisdom is at the core of all we do — that’s the Nature Provides way.

What is Gemmotherapy?

Gemmotherapy is a specialized form of herbal medicine that’s been super charged with the restorative power of embryonic plant stem cells. Long story short — this is Mother Nature’s secret weapon against a compromised immune system.

We sustainably harvest buds, young shoots, and rootlets from plants in the Spring when they contain all of the healing wisdom of the natural world. The extracts then carry the same regenerative energy into our bodies.

This is the first step in detoxifying the body of every day pollutants and aiding its return to a natural, balanced state.

Not All Plant Stem Cells are Equal

When it comes to plant stem cells, we’re committed to doing things differently. Our extracts are setting a new standard with Mother Nature as our guide. 

  • Adult plant stem cells can’t compete with the super charged, regenerative energy packed into each cell of the organic, wild harvested plant buds, young shoots, and rootlets we harvest for our extracts. 
  • Mother Nature’s healing secret lies in the hormones plants release as new growth emerges. The potency of these chemicals begins to subside as chlorophyll is produced and the plant matures. That’s why we exclusively derive our stem cells from embryonic plant samples harvested in Spring time. 
  • Our team of highly trained botanists in Italy pick only 20% of new growth to ensure the parent plants continue to thrive because a healthy you begins with a sustainable earth.

Each of our Embryonic Plant Stem Cell Extracts and Essential Oils contain the purest ingredients that Mother Nature supplies. We not only claim to have integrity as a company, but are committed to transparency in every step of our process.

The Nature Provides Difference


100% Organic


Traceable Nutrients




Spagyric Extraction

Ready to Reclaim Your Health?

Now that you know what we’re all about, let us help you find the right products to support your journey towards healing. Here are a few of our recommendations for specific health concerns to get you started. 

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Our Mission is Simple

Empowering you on your journey towards holistic healing is what we’re all about.

We believe that a healthy, thriving world and a sustainable earth begins with a balanced you. By collaborating with Mother Nature and your body’s intuition, we put the power of your health back in your hands.

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