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Nature Provides expands its remedy offerings.
New supplements for your complete comfort
We are excited to share that our company has just introduced new dietary supplements to our catalog! We listened carefully to our practitioner's needs and worked arduously to bring you the products you requested. We understand that every individual has unique needs, and we want to ensure we have a diverse range of dietary supplements to cater to those needs. Our team has worked tirelessly to ensure these new supplements meet our high quality and safety standards.
Each plant contains invaluable benefits and the potential to answer every individual and unique need
In each phase of life, plants, like all living beings, develop specific resources suitable for the vital balance of a particular moment of life.
For this reason, the young newborn shoots are affluent in regenerating energy precisely to give impetus to something new, catharsis, further relief, and purification.
Then in other seasons of their life, plants express different resources useful for other purposes typical of other phases and needs, both for the plants themselves and those who utilize their benefits (e.g., men and animals).
Today, Nature Provides introduces to its practitioners the benefits of all seasons and phases of the life of medicinal plants, thus enhancing its vital tools and the well-being of its
patients with an expansion of nutritional protocols that integrates and enriches the advantages of concentrated gemmotherapy.
This possibility is offered thanks to a renewed collaboration with the Italian herbal laboratory Forza Vitale, a ten-year partner of Nature Provides, in manufacturing the PSC line of embryonic plant stem cell extracts.
Forza Vitale is a phytotherapeutic company that has been operating at 360 degrees in the herbal field for thirty years, offering a rich catalog with over 400 remedies and certifications (ISO, GMP, ORGANIC) that guarantee the absolute quality and safety of its production processes and, therefore, of its remedies as well as FDA clearance.
Forza Vitale certification
A solution for every need.
Forza Vitale already markets its products throughout Europe and thanks to Nature Provides, it intends to strengthen the presence of its remedies and their very high standards of quality and effectiveness in the United States, extending the options in the field of natural medicine with the following types of products:
Adult Herbals
Spagyric "tinctures" (under the Forza Vitale brand) extracted from parts of adult plants; these tinctures, both in single and complex form, are indicated to ensure the normal functioning of specific systems.
Nutraceutical supplements
(under the Glauber Pharma brand) based on titrated and standardized dry extracts, scientifically formulated to ensure maximum bioavailability of the active ingredients.
Nutrigenomic supplements
(branded under Glauber Pharma) are innovative natural solutions created to adequately support our physiological functions in the event of nutritional imbalances mainly caused by a diet not adequate for one's genetic profile.
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