PSC CALM HEART – 1:20 – 50 ml

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A dietary supplement for blood pressure homeostasis.


PSC Calm Heart (Cardio Normalo) is a dietary supplement for blood pressure homeostasis. 
Dietary Components: Bramble/Wild Blackberries – Rubus Fruiticosus (young shoots), Crab Apple – Malus Sylvestris (buds), Hawthorn – Crataegus Oxyacantha (buds), Juniper – Juniperus Communis (young shoots), Maidenhair Tree – Ginkgo Biloba (buds), Maize – Zea Mays (germinating seeds), Mistletoe – Viscum Album (young shoots), Sweet Almond – Prunus Amygdalus (buds).  Organic Grape Alcohol 60% and Vegetable Glycerin.

Recommended Serving: 30 minutes before each meal take 10-50 drops, 3 times daily into ½ glass of high quality filtered water and SIP sublingually over a period of 5 minutes. Not recommended for children.


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