Digestive Health
(Digestive Depurato

Primary Actions: Supports the detoxification of the entire digestive system and favors healthy digestion by balancing intestinal microflora. Helps digestive ailments like indigestion and heartburn.

Crab Apple: Detoxifies the blood and lymph; prevents neurodegeneration. Helps asthenia.

Fig: Digestive, detoxifying bud; normalizes the gastric juices. Induces sleep when obsessive thinking is present.

Maize: Protects the membranes of the urinary tract and kidneys and acts as a diuretic against bladder issues. Tropism of the myocardium. Anti-inflammatory of the arteries and myocardium.

Lemon Tree: Potent alkalinizer of acid. Acts as a blood fluidifier and regulates the blood coagulation mechanism.

Rosemary: Supports the liver and inflammation. Tonic for the adrenals and gallbladder, supporting the digestive system. Reduces low-density lipoprotein and triglycerides. Supports with memory and concentration.

Therapeutic Actions:

  • Hepatoprotective
  • Supports metabolism
  • Overall digestive health
  • Anti-inflammatory

Clinical Indications:

  • Regulates digestive health
  • Balances intestinal microfloral